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, Aiken, Aitkin, Ajo, Akron, Alabama, Alachua, Alama, Alamance, Alameda/ Contra Costa, Alamo, Alamogordo, Alamosa, Alaska, Albany, Albemarie, Albemarle, Albert Lea. (1928) Evelyn Anthony : English historical writer (Poellenberg Inheritance). (1946) Diane Luciferia : French Wiccan high priestess who descended into black masses and orgies until she herself became a homicide victim. (1940) Elke Sommer : German-American actress of international films. (1914) Ugo Poletti : Italian ecclesiastic, Vice-President of Rome and President of the CEI since 1985. (1947) Peter Noone : Actor. (1928) Alexis Korner in Paris : France; musician (Blues Inc - "Bootleg Him. (1975) Nazarena Almada : Miss Argentina-Universe (1997). (1928) Maurice Frechard (1928) Georges-Jean Arnaud : French author of more than three hundred novels of different genres, including espionage thrillers, detective fiction, science fiction, horror, erotic fiction, and mainstream literature. (1934) Conny Dijkstra : Dutch astrologer, the writer of a column on astrology for a gossip magazine in Holland. (1950) Richard Berne Wilson (1950) Richard Wilson : American sailor and adventurer. (1907) Gene Gutche : Composer. (1960) Brian Kelly : Composer. (1972) Ontiwaun Carter : wlaf running back (Rhein Fire).


Oceanside motorcycle mechanic sucks marines cock in the shop. (1972) Binnur Kaya : Turkish actress. (1947) Mesut Ylmaz : Turkish politician 21st Prime Minister of Turkey. (1969) Susan Polgar : Hungarian-born American chess player. (1927) Charles Vandenhove : Belgian architect (Standard-Omnisporthal, Luik). (1922) Robert-Henri Bautier : French archivist and medievalist. (1943) Mike Kelly : rocker (Duprees). (1946) Johnny Lee : American country-and-western singer. (1946) Euphrosyne Doxiadis : Greek-French painter and author. (1912) Folco Lulli : Italian film actor and noted family member, his brother Piero Lulli was also a film actor. See what else happened on the 19th of April of: (1978 gabriel Heinze : Argentinian footballer.

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(1951) Nigel Havers : British actor who shot to prominence in England as the killer in the TV series "The Charmer. (1984) Satomi sex shop san sebastian de los reyes gràcia Hanamura : Japanese actress. (1950) Ewen Chatfield : New Zealand cricketer. (1925) Hugh O'Brian Krampke in Rochester : New York, USA; actor (Wyatt Earp, Search). (1975) Ryan McPartlin : TV Actor. (1973) Adrian Aucoin : Ottawa, Ontario - NHL defenseman (Vancouver Canucks).

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